Mark R Scott III, began diving in 1991 after returning from Desert Shield and Storm. Earning Divemaster in 1996, Assistant Instructor and Master Scuba Diver in 1998, and stopping at OWSI in 1999. Mark has enjoyed dive sites around the world, most recently diving the South Pacific after living in Sydney, Australia for three years. He teaches scuba diving  at the University of Indianapolis and previously as Adjunct Faculty at IUPUI.

 Mark R Scott III was taking classes at IUPUI before being activated from the Marine Corps Reserves for Desert Shield. Upon returning from his stint in Shield and Storm, Mark took the scuba class in the fall of 1991 and fell in love. The peace, serenity, and ability to enjoy all the other side of this planet has to offer in weightlessness has become a lifelong passion. His passion has been teaching others to enjoy scuba diving. From helping young divers earn their Junior Open Water Diver, people with physical challenges find new adventures, or assisting local Boy Scouts earn a couple more badges, to simply helping existing certified divers become better equipped to help themselves or others, Mark brings a unique style of teaching to his students. Previously trying stand-up comedy, earning three masters degrees, or working professionally around the world, his classes have always been highly rated in satisfaction and enjoyment.

Mark’s diving portfolio includes over 3,000 dives from Florida, Hawaii, Australia, and Bali to the better known dive locations around the Midwest. Mark has dived in tanks at the Indianapolis Zoo, zero visibility environments for search and recovery, as well as the beautifully clear waters of the islands. Mark will continue his personal scuba education and development by earning additional certifications in Technical Diving, MSDT, and possibly rebreather/mixed gas diving over the next 2-3 years.